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Our personalized, high-quality, and value-centric market research solutions help industry leaders take action with confidence – and get results.

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About Brand Health Gurus

We provide personalized, high-quality, value-centric market research solutions for industry leaders to confidently take-action and achieve results. We service a variety of industries spanning 125+ countries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Tech
  • And more

Our experience, ideas, and unique perspectives help to form the knowledge and guidance that we bestow upon our valued clients so that they are equipped to meet the needs of their current and future customers.

Custom Market Research Solutions

We partner with you to create custom market research solutions that help tackle your most critical business questions and solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Brand Tracking

Monitor brand health and gain the knowledge to confidently guide your business strategy. Brand Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking with available on-demand insights allows you to take action before the competition with modern day Purchase Funnel methodology.

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  • Monitor brand KPIs versus competitors with metrics like Brand Awareness, Opinion, Purchase Consideration, Brand Purchase Intention, Brands Shopped, Brand Imagery, and Love Metrics
  • Measure advertising effectiveness with Ad Recall and Share of Voice metrics
  • Diagnose customer loyalty and reasons for rejection
  • Comprehensive insights for managing your product portfolio and marketing strategy so you can maximize brand power

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Competitive Intelligence & Market Sizing

Monitor competitive trends and consumer choices in fast moving markets that are often disrupted by new products, new services, and new entrants. Competitive Intelligence and Market Sizing are designed to identify and quantify your next market opportunity, plus:

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  • Identify what’s driving brand preference
  • Measure the total available market size
  • Identify market opportunity spaces and how to best position your brand

Our Leading Edge Consumer algorithm allows for segmenting consumers into target groups and designing your go-to market strategy.

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Advertising Impact

Measure your Advertising Impact with pre, during, and post campaign metrics that quantify lift on the KPIs that matter most. From local to regional to national or international, our Advertising Impact market research programs are designed to measure advertising break-thru, share-of-voice, and message recall.
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  • Know how far your advertising campaign moved the needle on KPIs
  • Quantify marketing and advertising investments alongside Brand Health metrics all the way to sales to understand your real ROI
  • Diagnose message recall to understand advertising’s influence on consumer brand perceptions
  • Share-of-Voice/Share-of-Market quantifies your “over-under” spending on advertising investment

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Shopper Insights

Identify which consumers are shopping for products and services in your industry and how to effectively connect with your ideal consumer. Gain insights into your target buyers, going beyond demographics and psychographics to understanding buyer behavior, including media consumption to understand what influences purchase decisions.
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  • Identify target consumer personas to design and finetune marketing strategies
  • Diagnose factors influencing brand choice and brand rejection
  • Track evolving consumer behavior
  • Identify media consumption among your target consumer to design more efficient advertising investments

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Strategic Consulting

Our advisory services are designed to organize big business questions into focused topic areas that create pathways for transforming challenges into opportunities.
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  • Identification and quantification of business challenges
  • Comprehensive StratPlan platform is a suite of strategic planning tools that range from one-day workshops to comprehensive long-term business planning sessions
  • Longitudinal analysis and forecasting
  • Consumer behavior and brand dynamics expertise consulting

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